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Y’s Men Club of Westchester County donates coats to 138 homeless

The Y’s Men Club of Westchester County, led by Mount Vernon City School District’s Director of Business & Treasurer, Shaji Zacharia, officially delivered to Vernon Plaza Family Shelter and WestHelp Shelter 138 new coats for homeless students in a small gathering of Y’s Men Club members, officials from the shelters, school district Superintendent Dr. Kenneth R. Hamilton and Board President Darcy Miller. The event at the Vernon Plaza shelter was held on Wednesday, November 18th.

“The generosity in Mount Vernon is humbling and we are very thankful to the Y’s Men Club of Westchester for making a profound impact on the lives of 138 of the city’s residents,” Dr. Hamilton said.

“The Mount Vernon community is always a better place when we work together for the improvement in the lives of our residents,” Ms. Miller said.

In October, Y’s Men Club launched fund-raising in partnership with Operation Warm, a not-for-profit organization that manufactures and supplies winter coats to the neediest children and adults in North America at an affordable price. Y’s Men Club members, its well-wishers and employees of the Mount Vernon City School District were generous with their support. Zacharia and the district’s liaison for homeless student’s program, Dr. Lillian Reynolds contacted the shelters to determine the number and sizes of the coats so the club could ensure that every person who needed a winter coat could receive one.

“Especially during these times with COVID-19, we wanted to provide warmth with these new coats,” Zacharia said. “I want to thank Dr. Hamilton, and President Miller, for attending the event and a special thanks to the Y’s Men Club members for making this possible.”