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The Mount Vernon High School Introduces Students to Valuable Apprenticeship Programs

Apprentice Week  Students from The Mount Vernon High School heard about exciting opportunities to both learn and earn after graduation directly from union representatives who visited the school on Tuesday, November 12. Their visit coincided with National Apprenticeship Week. The apprenticeship event was the first ever at The Mount Vernon High School, and organizers were excited to provide students with exposure to career pathways they may not have otherwise considered.

“We are making students aware of the apprenticeship process and opportunities available to them,” explained work-based learning teacher Jaime Larmon. “Many people working trades are aging out, and fresh talent is needed.”

Senior Clement Banahene spoke to representatives of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers about his field of interest.

“I think it would be helpful for me to take part in an apprenticeship to prepare for a future career,” said Banahene.

Senior Andrew Rodriguez was happy to see his high school promoting the trades.

“This opens up opportunities to students to learn about a field they might be passionate about,” said Rodriguez. “I’m looking to get an internship while I’m in college so when I graduate, I can get a management position.”

Craig Guilfoyle, a representative with Local 91 Mechanical Insulators, said an alumnus of The Mount Vernon High School is currently doing well in their apprenticeship program. He encouraged current students to consider a trade as well.

“A lot of people can’t afford college,” said Guilfoyle. “I tell students that with this route, they’ll be working right away and making money. After four years of learning, they’re done and the pay goes up every year!”

Sherry Ward, Administrator for Career and Technical Education and Work Study, shared that people of color and women are underrepresented in apprenticeships. She hopes events like this help change that.

“With awareness, more students may get involved and get into well-paying jobs.” said Ward. “Once they understand the process, our students will know how to pursue these opportunities, and we’ll help them prepare for requirements like entrance exams.”

Apprentice Week