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January's Spirit Week: Midterm Madness!

January's Spirit Week Theme: "Midterm Madness" (Brought to you by Student ACTION Council)
Tuesday 1/18: Share your study tips! Students and staff add your best study tip to the Padlet asap and we will feature a few of the best on the day.
Wednesday 1/19: De-stressor Day- Share how you destress! Students and staff add your favorite way to destress to the Padlet and we will feature a few on the day.
Thursday 1/20: Midterm Kick-off Day- Rep your favorite sports team. Wear and share your favorite teams.
Friday 1/21: Shout Out someone/something that has helped you prep for midterms.

You can start participating by adding to the Padlet now!

This is the link to the updated Padlet:


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