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Dr. Hamilton and Dr. Gorman to Present at National Conference for Education

Dr. Kenneth R. Hamilton, Superintendent of Schools, and Dr. Jeff Gorman, Deputy Superintendent of Schools, are at the National Conference on Education to deliver a presentation titled, “20/20 Academic Vision For Excellence: The Transformation of an Urban School District.”

The AASA National Conference on Education 2020, which runs from February 13th to February 15th, provides world-class education for superintendents from seasoned practitioners, like Dr. Hamilton and Dr. Gorman.

“The Board of Education is pleased to not only provide the support necessary to send Dr. Hamilton and Dr. Gorman to the National Conference on Education but to see them represent the Mount Vernon City School District on this national stage,” said Board President Arlene Torres. “The district has seen improvements in all areas after the implementation of Dr. Hamilton’s 20/20 Vision, and we are proud they will share this success story so that other districts may learn from their knowledge and leadership.”

Dr. Hamilton and Dr. Gorman were asked to present at the conference following the district’s successful execution of the 20/20 Academic Vision, which resulted in a rise in the district’s test scores and graduation rates, and a decrease in the district’s suspension rate.

In a presentation on Saturday, they will explain the district’s transformation, including the 20/20 Academic Vision; the $108 million-dollar bond referendum; the restructuring of schools, including moving all elementary schools to a pre-K to 8 structure; creating three theme-based high schools of choice; and implementing full-day pre-K. They will also discuss the infusion of digital learning and best practices, a comprehensive learning management system, a student-centered approach to learning, addressing issues of equity and equality by meeting the needs of each student and comprehensive school reform.