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Two Grimes students will have artwork published nationally

Two eighth graders at the Grimes School will have their artworks published nationally by Celebrating Art, a contest “devoted to the promotion and appreciation of student-created art.”

Nashelee Pena’s accepted work was an oil pastel of the head of a fox. Two of Mitravaani Singh’s works were chosen, a generously detailed oil pastel drawing of a red rose and an acrylic painting on acetate of a Day of the Dead skull bedecked with flowers. Their works will be included in an anthology published in the spring.

Celebrating Art accepts artworks from students in grades K-12. The top 35% of works submitted nationally are chosen to be published. At Grimes, the eighth graders submitted their creations.

Pena’s work depicted her favorite animal.

“I think it’s just cute,” she said. The fox in her drawing is blue and fringed with fine whiskers and eye lashes.

Singh’s painting on acetate added her personal touch to a Day of the Dead-related assignment.

“I wanted to add my specialty, which is drawing flowers,” she said.

Art teacher Melissa Earl-McAuliffe praised the students for their accomplishments.

“We are thrilled that Nashelee’s and Mitravaani’s exceptional artworks were chosen for the publication,” she said. “Congratulations to our talented artists!”