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Mount Vernon City School District Announces Two-Phase Rezoning Efforts


The Mount Vernon City School District Board of Education voted on Tuesday, March 5, 2019, to rezone the District. This effort will be taken on in two phases. The first phase will occur in the 2019-2020 academic year while the second phase is planned for 2021-2022 contingent upon building construction completion. This effort is one of the final steps toward the realization of Superintendent Dr. Kenneth R. Hamilton’s 20/20 Vision of a Pre-K-8 model for all Mount Vernon neighborhood schools.

Phase 1 of the rezoning effort will affect an estimated 120 students at Pennington and Columbus schools. Phase 2 will affect a larger number of students, in order to accommodate a Pre-K-8 model at 11 of the District’s schools, including the building currently known as Nelson Mandela which will be transformed from a high school to a Pre-K-8 neighborhood school. The anticipated reopening of Nelson Mandela School is September 2020.

The rezoning of the Mount Vernon City School District will allow for primary school-aged children to attend the neighborhood school that is closest to their homes while at the same time ease overcrowding in elementary schools throughout the district. 

“Recognizing that rezoning our District will result in a transition for some of our youngest learners, we wanted to take the most conservative approach possible to minimize the effects on students and families,” said Superintendent Dr. Kenneth R. Hamilton. “The benefits of a Pre-K through Grade 8 model are significant, including improved academic outcomes and an environment that fosters inter-grade mentoring. This change will have a profound impact on students who complete their education in the Mount Vernon school system.”

Students in the Columbus School’s bilingual program are excluded from the rezoning, an exemption made to ensure that currently enrolled students continue to receive the most comprehensive education possible.

Information sessions for affected students and their families are planned for Pennington, Columbus, and Lincoln schools. The sessions will provide families with an overview of the District’s plans, an orientation of the school buildings, and an opportunity for students to get acclimated to their new schools. District support will also be available, as needed. Details regarding the upcoming information sessions will be available on the District’s website in the coming weeks.

For questions regarding the rezone, you may email  Additionally, the district has set up a webtool to help homeowners identify their elementary zone for the 2019-2020 academic year.