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Hamilton Family and Community Engagement

Our goal at Hamilton, and in all Mount Vernon City Schools, is for “families and the community to be actively engaged, from cradle to career, in their children’s academic, social, and emotional development” (Dr. Karen Mapp).

 Research shows that “parent participation is the leading predictor that supports students’ academic success, regardless of race, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, or cultural background.” (Dr. Karen Mapp).

Here are a few ways that Hamilton has recently fostered family and community engagement.

African American Career Day. One of the ways that Hamilton partnered with various members of the school community in February was by hosting African American Career Day. This Black History Month event strengthened ties with the school community by creating conversations between students and adults about careers.

Drone Duty.Students were engaged when Safety Resource Officer Carruthersfrom the Mount Vernon Police Department explained that he was chosen for the new MVPD drone program. The students asked questions about how using a drone would help improve safety in the Mount Vernon community. The students were impressed that Officer Carruthers was going to fly a drone for his job!

Working Out for a Living.WhenFirefighter Greenand members of the Mount Vernon Fire Department explained how competitive and physically strenuous it is to be a firefighter, students were amazed. They discussed what it means to sacrifice for others in order to keep people safe.

Supt Scoop. The Superintendent of the Mount Vernon City School DistrictDr. Kenneth R. Hamiltontalked to students about what it was like to be one of the first African American Superintendents in a New Jersey school district. Dr. Hamilton challenged the students to work hard because the world needs their talents.