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ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: Cherokee Glasgow

Cherokee Glasgow

Name: Cherokee Glasgow

High School Attended: Mount Vernon High School

Year of High School Graduation: 2015

Name of College(s) and Degrees Held:
AA in business from Lackawanna college.
BA in African American studies from University of Maryland

Current Job Title: A Graduate Transfer at Troy University playing football while working on my maste’rs degree and I intend to enter the NFL draft next year.


Describe what you are doing now
I’m currently playing Division 1 FBS football at Troy University while pursuing a Masters in Criminal Justice. 

How did your education in the MVCSD prepare you for your future?
My education at MVCSD helped me a lot with being organized and a lot with critical thinking skills mainly. 

What has been your proudest achievement?
My proudest achievement and being a positive role model for my younger siblings and other people that look up to me. I’m the first man in my family to graduate from college and go on to play Division 1 power 5 football. 

Was there a class or club that influenced your career path?
Football has always been something that I would say has saved my life because without it I would have probably fell in with people I had no business being around.