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‘Where Are They Now?’ – Rahkim Sabree

RahkimSabree Rahkim Sabree, author, speaker, financial professional and mentor, is a 2008 graduate of Mount Vernon High School.

In 2018, Sabree published his first book, “Mentorship: The Playbook.” His work is an 9-story collection of interactions with people in his life that he considers to be mentors. Eight of the stories ties in lessons from his own experiences and is considered to be a “key play” in the larger playbook.

“Most people think of a mentor as someone who’s older than you, but in my book, I try to redefine a mentor as someone you choose to influence your thoughts, actions, and behaviors. It can be a friend, sibling or teacher,” said Sabree. “It’s important for the mentee to know he or she has just as much of a say in molding the relationship as the mentor.”

Sabree notes he was fortunate to have a mentor in high school and numerous male role models. He’s maintained close relationships with faculty in the Mount Vernon City School District, including his high school guidance counselor and middle school Spanish teacher. These relationships have provided Sabree with a platform to share his messages about mentorship to students in the District.

“Mount Vernon is full of talent; That’s the word that comes to mind when I think of Mount Vernon,” he said. “So many people aspire to be the next Ben Gordon, but what I feel is lacking is the acknowledgement of the individual rather than his or her goals and aspirations. There’s a gap between the guidance parents can provide and that of a mentor. I hope that through my work, we can fill that gap.”

Another passion of Sabree’s is increasing financial literacy – for everyone. He hosts workshops in both rural and urban areas and co-founded and serves as the Vice President of a non-profit organization aimed at ending homelessness. An Extended Hand, Inc. offers mentorship, employment readiness and financial education services. Having examined the relationship between lack of education and youth homelessness and its impact on homelessness in adulthood, the organization teaches the basics of financial planning, familiarizing participants with goal-setting and spending analysis, and identify interests, skills and abilities for candidates as they engage in the job-seeking process.

He currently resides in Hartford County, Connecticut and participates in public speaking engagements across the northeastern U.S., including cities such as Boston and New York City.

To learn more, visit his websites: and Sabree is also active on social media and can be found on Instagram @unlimitedinvestmentinquiries.