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Where Are They Now’ – Taury Phelps

Taury Phelps, a 2017 graduate of Mount Vernon High School, is currently enrolled as a sophomore at Ithaca College. There, Phelps is building an undergraduate foundation on which she hopes to build a career in education. She’s currently an education major but is considering switching to a major in the field of communications and graduating with a minor in English Education.

“I am positive that I want to teach and plan to be certified to teach general education upon graduating from Ithaca in 2021,” said Phelps.

Her interest in teaching was sparked during her time as a student at MVHS. Nearly all of her English Language Arts teachers had a profound impact on Phelps.

“I was struck by their ability to see things in the text differently from the average person, something I’ve come to appreciate more as an adult,” she said. “I really enjoy writing. The structure of writing really excites me; being able to articulate my thoughts in a way that can be used to inform others.”

In her undergraduate studies, Phelps has already identified teaching principles she plans to implement in her own classroom.

“Last semester, I took an education course called Reading Foundations. During the class, we read a book entitled Understanding Literacy. It really opened my eyes to how reading is so much more than consuming words on a page; it’s influenced by an individual’s background and cultural experiences,” said Phelps.

“It’s important for educators to recognize that although curriculum is hard to individualize, it’s less hard to create individual teaching structures that can better serve students and create a more dynamic student-teacher relationship,” she added. “Reciprocal learning is something I want to implement.”