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‘Where Are They Now’ – Tyrone R. Shaw

Tyrone R. Shaw, a 2006 graduate of Mount Vernon High School, has been a teacher at McKinley Technology High School in Washington, D.C. for the past six years. There, he teaches World History, AP World History, and an elective focused on social justice, the Holocaust and genocide studies. His courses are offered to students in grades 9-12.

Since beginning his career as an educator, Shaw has achieved many successes. He has written world history curriculum for the District of Columbia Public Schools where he served as district course chair for World History I. He also led a districtwide professional development course for ninth-grade teachers.

He is a 2010 Spector/Warren Fellow and completed a six-day intensive at the Holocaust Museum Houston where he engaged with nationally recognized scholars and Holocaust survivors. He recently completed a five-day advanced Holocaust learning seminar with Echoes & Reflections in Poland.

It was during his own 10thgrade World History class that Shaw first developed an interest in the subject.

“My teacher, Ms. Zini, taught with such passion. Her mom helped hide Jews in the Swiss Alps during the Holocaust. When teaching us about the brutal actions carried out during the important historical event, she really focused on the individual stories of people involved and that had a profound impact on me,” said Shaw.

It’s not just Ms. Zini; Shaw credits a long list of teachers and guidance counselors for positively impacting him during his time at Mount Vernon.

“From inspiring me to becoming a teacher myself to holding my hand during the whole college application process, there are so many people at Mount Vernon that have shaped the person I am today,” he added. “Ms. Mary Zini and Mr. Paul Court are two teachers I try to emulate in my own classroom. They instilled in me a passion for learning, something I hope to share with my students.”

After graduating from MVHS, Shaw attended Syracuse University where he received a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Secondary Education and a master’s degree in Cultural Foundations of Education.

Shaw still keeps in touch with some the faculty who made a lasting impression on him during his time at Mount Vernon High School. He even receives resources and posters used in his classroom from his former ESL teacher, Ms. Barbara Mallon.