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Board of Education Authorizes District to Begin School Year in Remote Learning Environment

The Mount Vernon City School District’s students will start the school year learning remotely from home. The Board of Education voted on Tuesday, August 18th, on a resolution that authorizes the school administration to implement a remote learning environment for all students during the month of September.

Pending further review, the district intends to open its school buildings to students in October for families who have selected the hybrid model, which includes both in-person and remote learning. The district will also continue the remote learning model for those families who have chosen to have their students learn from home.

The move to a remote learning environment for September will give the district’s administration and staff time to follow up with parents and guardians who have yet to choose a learning model for their children. Having an accurate count of the number of students in the hybrid model and number in the remote learning model will allow the district to effectively schedule classes. The delay in opening the hybrid model until October will also allow the district time to implement all the necessary details of the reopening plan to ensure that students and staff are able to return safely to the school buildings.

“The health and safety of our students, our staff and everyone’s families continues to be at the forefront of any decision we make on reopening our schools,” Superintendent Dr. Kenneth R. Hamilton said. “I am extremely proud of our team and the work they are doing to open our schools. Having a few more weeks will be very helpful to ensure our school buildings and teachers are ready for hybrid learning and that we have accurate scheduling of our students for classrooms.”

Parents who have students that will begin school in the district in September must complete the district’s Opt In/Out Scheduling Requirement Form by clicking on the link and using the student’s log-in credentials:

  • If parents select the blended hybrid model, they must select either Monday and Tuesday or Thursday and Friday for in-school learning. The student will learn remotely the other days of the week. The district is making every effort to schedule siblings on the same days.
  • In the remote learning only model, students will receive all instruction digitally and be enrolled in the district’s virtual school.

The Opt In/Out Scheduling Requirement Form also asks parents whether their child needs the district to provide a computing device or internet access.

“Parents who have not notified the school district of the chosen learning model for their children, need to do so today through our Opt In/Out Scheduling Requirement Form or to contact their school principal,” Dr. Hamilton said. “Parent involvement in the process of reopening our schools and the education of their children is absolutely necessary and encouraged.”