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Black History Month

Holmes School Students Perform ‘Dig a Little Deeper’

Holmes School’s fifth-graders performed a play “Dig a Little Deeper” to recognize black history for the other students in the school, their parents and Board Trustee Warren Mitchell on Thursday, February 13th.

In the play, written and directed by teacher Kiya Finch-Roberts, one of the main characters – Wesley Brown (played by Ismanuel Vasquez) – is working on a project and is seeking advice on how to make it better. Wesley is visited by several oracles (Aubrey McKoy, Jade Vega, Jayson Matos and Neveah Cruz) as well as accomplished stars such as Lena Horne (Sani Porter), Ashleigh Johnson (Rhayanna Taylor), Michael Jordon (Karter Henderson), Simone Biles (Alysse Fernandez), and Stevie Wonder (Jake Mercado). But, it wasn’t until Wesley was visited by Kimberly Bryant (Taylor Barton) that he found the answer he was looking for. Bryant is an African American electrical engineer and founder and CEO of Black Girls Code, an organization dedicated to “changing the face of technology” by introducing girls of color to the field of technology and computer science.

“ ‘Dig a Little Deeper’ is a performance that we’re doing to recognize black history. At Holmes School and everywhere in Mount Vernon, I like to say that we recognize black history all year long,” Principal Danielle Davis-Marrow said. “However, the month of February is our anniversary of black history so we have a lot that we are going to share with you today. … What we do in the month of February is we remember the past and we do our very best to shape the future.”