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Young Authors at Grimes Celebrate Their New Books with a Publishing Party

Grimes Publishing Party

They wrote about wildfires, blizzards, floods and more. But before the fourth graders in Caroline Prydal’s class at Grimes School authored their books on severe weather, they made sure they had their facts right.

They made sure they conducted enough research to be able to write with authority. Poring over the internet and books on weather, they pulled together volumes that were good enough to put their names on.

“You need to research well because you need to put the information in your book,” student author Austin Caiafas said of the experience. “Your non-fiction book needs to be filled with evidence and facts.”

They researched the causes of extreme weather, the damage it can do, and the ways people can protect themselves from catastrophes. Along the way, they learned a lot about weather as well as writing.

“I learned that weather can be destructive and what it’s capable of,” said Johann Arvelo, another of the writers.

All that research and fact checking showed the newly minted authors that completing a book can take longer than a non-writer might imagine.

“I learned that writers are never done,” said young author Tayla Murphy Mason. “When you think you are done, you need to go back and check your work or add more information.”

Eventually, they did do everything they needed to put together their volumes. When they were done, they celebrated with a publishing party, where they sipped sparkling cider and hobnobbed with their fellow literati and welcomed visitors from throughout the school. Students, teachers, and administrators joined the celebration to rub elbows with the authors and to peruse the written works, which were posted around the room. The visitors also wrote reviews, praising the writing, the research, and the artwork.

“The students were so proud of the reviews they got,” Prydal said. “They got to go home for the Thanksgiving break with a lot of pride in the work that they did.”