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Wanted: Teaching Assistants and Substitutes

The Mount Vernon City School District is looking for teaching assistants and substitute teachers.

The district seeks about 20 new teaching assistants to work with special education students and is adding to the list of substitute teachers available to take classes temporarily.

Teaching assistants are needed across grade levels and subjects to work with the special education population. Candidates must be certified in teaching assistant level I, II or III. The pay range is $26,088 to $50,156 per year.

Substitute teachers do not need to be certified, but those without certification can serve in the role no more than 40 days in one school year. Certified educators can serve as substitutes for an unlimited number of days.

Substitutes are needed for all grade levels and subjects. The pay is $175 per day, except for retired Mount Vernon teachers, who are paid $279.06 per day to fill in for absent educators.

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