Distinguished Teacher Awards, 2018

  • 2017-2018 was the "Year of the Teacher" in the Mount Vernon City School District! The Board Trustees, Superintendent Hamilton and district administrators recognize that the efforts of our certified teachers need to be showcased and honored. Teachers are our "boots on the ground" front line soldiers, building up capacity, promise and possibility in our most precious commodity - our students.

    On April 14, 2018,  we held our first ever Distinguished Teacher Awards ceremomy. 50 teachers from around the district were nominated. There were eight semi-finalists, and one overall Distinguished Teacher of the Year.  The winners were:

    (1) PreK/K:  Laurie Lee-Miller, Williams Elementary School

    (2) Elementary:  Simone Oliver, Parker Elementary School

    (3) Middle School:  Andrew Pucci, A.B. Davis Middle School

    (4) High School:  Demetrios Mihailidis, Social Studies, Mount Vernon High School

    (5) Rookie (year 1 teacher): Lauren Yancigay-Rosa, Grimes School

    (6) Newbie (year 2-4):  Henry P. Johnson, Math Teacher, A.B. Davis Middle School,

    (7) Student Services:  Peggy Williams, Guidance Counselor, Mt. Vernon High School

    (8) Encore: Charlotte Moore, Music Teacher, Traphagen Elementary School

    (9) From the finalists in the above categories, one “Distinguished Teacher of the Year” was chosen. The winner was Ms. Peggy Williams.