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Social Media Guidelines

The Mount Vernon City School District utilizes its social media presence to serve as an additional means to share news, provide information, and facilitate communications within our school district community. We thank all community members who interact with our page and contribute to our online community. Messages posted to our social media pages do not necessarily represent the views of the Mount Vernon City School District.

Per school board policies  (, the district reserves the right to remove comments and/or report users who post comments which, in the school district’s sole discretion, bully, intimidate, or harass any individual; contain obscenity, nudity or gratuitous violence; are commercial solicitations; are factually erroneous, libelous, or wildly off-topic; are from anonymous blog trolls; constitute an incitement to violence or violation of law or district policy, or which constitute true threats; or that otherwise violate New York State law, school district policy, or the social media site’s own policies.

Contact Info

Carlos Ramirez
Director of Technology
(914) 665-7569