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Juneteenth 2024

Students holding their instruments.
Students and parade holding juneteenth signs.
Student walking parade and holding sign.
Students at the juneteenth graham celebration.
Students smiling at juneteenth celebration.
Students at juneteenth celebration
The students holding up juneteenth signs inside.
Teacher helping student with juneteenth attire
Teacher conducting student performance.
Students dancing.
Students singing on stage for juneteenth.
Students and teacher on stage for juneteenth.
Teachers students and staff on stage..
Students dancing on stage.
The principal speaking to person.
Students performing on stage at juneteenth.
Students dancing on stage.
Students beating drums.
Students singing.
Students on stage dancing.
Students dancing on stage.
Students posing with juneteenth signs.
Teachers holding juneteenth signs.
Students singing.
Students walking and holding juneteenth signs.
Students dancing on stage.
Students in parade holding juneteenth signs.
Students posing for picture on juneteenth.
Students and staff holding juneteenth banner.
Student playing recorder.
Students walking in parade and holding signs
Keep playing recorder and teacher holding up microphone.
Students inside holding up their juneteenth signs.
Students walking and played with juneteenth signs.
Principal and students at juneteenth celebration.
Teacher with students holding their juneteenth signs.
Students walking in juneteenth parade.
Posing for juneteenth picture.
Students  holding up signs for argentina
Students holding up their juneteenth signs while walking in parade.
Students smiling for picture on juneteenth.
Students in a group waiting for popcorn.
student playing basketball game
student knocking over cans with bean bag
student handing bean bag to other student
Students grouped with event organizer
student playing tin can alley
School principal and administrator posing together
students playing connect four
students sitting at face-painting station
students playing on the bouncy castle
students posing together with face paint.
students playing with mini basketball together
students posing together at playground
student getting face-painted
student playing basketball game