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Jazz Music Festival

Students performing on the stage and below the stage with their instruments.
Students performing on stage.
Students playing instruments in front of their stands.
Students on stage performing and reading music.
Students on the stage performing and students below stage playing instruments.
Students on stage and below stage playing instruments.
Students playing saxophone and piano.
Students on stage playing instruments.
Student playing piano in front of crowd.
Students playing instruments beneath stage.
DWSA band on stage performing.
Ragan Whiteside playing flute.
Man playing Guitar on stage
students on stage dancing and singing
Stage performing and singing.
Ragan Whiteside playing flute.
Student playing instrument drums.
Student on stage performing.
Students playing brass instruments.
Students playing instruments
Students dancing in costume on stage.
Students on stage performing with conductor.
Students in costumes on stage dancing.
Students singing on stage.
Students on stage singing.
Students on stage dancing and singing.
Students dancing and playing instruments.
Student dancing on stage.
Students singing and playing instruments.
Women playing flute on stage.
Man playing guitar on stage.
Students dressed up on stage for Jazz festival