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The Knights Boutique begins its first full year after opening last May 

The Knights Boutique begins its first full year after opening last May 

The Knights Boutique has officially opened for its first full year after opening last May. Students and staff have been working hard to make adjustments to make this boutique even more successful.  
An empty classroom and a vision were all it took for several students and staff to create the Knights Boutique. The Knights Boutique is a 100 percent volunteer run store that allows students at Mount Vernon High School to “shop” for free clothes, school supplies, toiletries and more.  
“It was a big hit right away,” said Amoya Burnett, senior at Mount Vernon High School. “We were afraid we were going to run out of clothes when we first opened.” 
The idea of opening a boutique was discussed last March, and by May, it was fully up and running. Mount Vernon High School teamed up with Bronxville School District to make this dream a reality.  
Students are allowed to take three items per visit.  

Student in orange shirt shopping at the Knights Boutique.

“Having the boutique here on campus helps to reduce students' anxiety around how they look and make them feel more comfortable in the school community,” said Principal Dr. Pauline Pearce of Mount Vernon High School. “Students have access to some of their basic needs such as toiletries and body products that they may not have access to or have to share with others at home. If we can provide those basic needs of safety and security, students are more likely to go to class and engage in learning.” 
Last June, the boutique was able to provide 11 students with prom dresses and accessories and six students with suits. 
“They always come out of the dressing room with a huge smile on their face,” said Jada Smith, senior at Mount Vernon High School.    
Since last year, the Knights Boutique staff have learned a lot. They are more organized than ever and even have an overflow room for extra clothes. They break the clothing up by season, so it is not overwhelming for the shopper. Additionally, they use an app to keep track of inventory. The boutique also has a QR code where students can book appointments to shop for a more personalized experience.    

Student in black hat holds up red t-shirt.

“We want to make this a pleasant shopping experience for students,” said Ms. Danielle Giusti, Spanish teacher and Knights Boutique supervisor.  
The Knights Boutique staff stressed the importance of donating appropriate clothing and other items. Clothes must be gently used and have no stains or holes.  
“We don’t want our students to feel like they are getting the bottom of the barrel,” said Ms. Nicole Jones, administrative assistant and Knights Boutique supervisor.  
The boutique is open during two lunch periods during the school day and after school on Thursdays.  
“This experience has shown me that if you have an idea, you should go for it,” said Smith. 
“It feels really good to help people,” said Burnett. 
“Our motto is if they look good, they feel good, and if they feel good, they do good,” said Ms. Giusti. 

DONATION REQUIREMENTS: Gently used/new items only, no stains or holes. Keep in mind, most students will walk out of the boutique wearing these clothes.  
IN NEED OF: Metal racks on wheels, hangers, school supplies, toiletries, shoes, men’s clothing, winter clothes, razors, towels, and reusable water bottles. Or, email Ms. Giusti and Ms. Jones to see what the boutique may need.  
TO DONATE: To donate please email Danielle Giusti at; Nicole Jones at

Student in black shirt shopping at the Knights Boutique.


Dr. Pearce and Dr. BC

Students, teachers, and community members from countries around the world filled the cafeteria for Mount Vernon High School’s No Place for Hate - A Walk Around the Globe on Friday, January 20, 2023. The room was lined with flags from around the world, and tables were set up with displays detailing the cultures of each country. There was an assortment of food from several countries as well.  

Students in Pre-K playing games at House of Sports

Universal Prekindergarten students in the Mount Vernon City School District are currently learning about health and nutrition. To support the learning in this unit, pre-K students from across the district took a trip to House of Sports.

Kids petting rabbit

Traphagen scholars took an in-house field trip that featured a tortoise, ferret, and albino rabbit. Students were allowed to touch all the animals and see them up close. Nick Coon, a naturalist educator at Greenburgh Nature Center, brought his scaly and furry friends to Traphagen School on Tuesday, January 10, 2023, for the field trip.

Pre-K students arriving to school

A month after the beginning of the Mount Vernon City School District's universal pre-kindergarten program for 3-year-olds (UPK-3), parents are seeing development in their children's communication and reading skills. Scholars began their pre-K journey at WestCOP Bethel Early Childhood Center, Friendship for Tots, and Our Lady of Victory School.   

Firefighter gathers pre-k students for a picture.

Pre-kindergarten students toured Mount Vernon to see all the community helpers throughout the month of December. The “hop on, hop off” bus tour visited the fire and police departments, grocery store, library, post office, Board of Education office, City Hall and more.