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Pre-K students create peaceful promises in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.

Pre-K students create peaceful promises in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.

In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 's birthday, pre-k students in Stephanie Tirado’s class read the book “My Daddy, Martin Luther King Jr.” by Martin Luther King III. Scholars discussed peace, fairness, and love. They also watched a video explaining these concepts further.   

After the video, the class created their very own “Peaceful Promise Tree.” Each scholar came up with one thing they could do to promote peace in their community. Students then illustrated and wrote their “peace promise” on a leaf for the tree.   

Here are some of the promises the students made:   

  • I promise to show love.  

  • I promise to share with others.   

  • I promise to use gentle hands.   

  • I promise to help others.   

  • I promise to listen to and learn more about my friends.   

  • I promise to include everyone.   

  • I promise to stand up for my friends. 

MV administrators promoted

The Mount Vernon City School District strives to promote from within and reward the exceptional educators who work within the District. Newly promoted Director of Special Education Michelle McKitty-Bromley, Director of Special Education Compliance Dr. Kellie Ramsey and Creative Executive Director Angela Hall each have worked in the District in the past several years and have committed their careers to serving Mount Vernon children.

Barbering students standing up for applause.

Administrators, trustees, staff and students assembled at the Mount Vernon Board of Education on Tuesday, December 5, 2023, for the announcement of three more Career and Technical Education (CTE) program approvals at Mount Vernon High School. The school will now offer students a total of seven CTE approved graduation pathways.