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Our Students Now: Jeff Redd

Our Students Now: Jeff Redd

Jeff Redd graduated from Mount Vernon High School in 1981 and went on to become a successful musician, with songs that made it on the R&B Billboard charts. He also served on the Mount Vernon Board of Education for a three-year term.

“Jeff Redd had great success in the music industry after graduating from Mount Vernon High School, and it was honorable how he gave back to the District by serving on our Board of Education,” said Acting Superintendent Dr. K. Veronica Smith. “As he says on his hit song, 'Oh! You're so outstanding!'”

View the Q+A with him below!

Q: What are you doing now with your life and career?

A: I recently completed a three-year term serving as Mount Vernon School Board Trustee where I became actively involved in community initiatives aimed at empowering the city's youth, particularly during challenging times. I am still mentoring young people, and I have returned my complete focus on creating more music, performing and producing again.

Q: How has Mount Vernon High School and the Mount Vernon City School District prepared you for your career?

A: Attending Mount Vernon public schools, including Mount Vernon High School, provided me with a foundation to pursue my passion for music and develop skills that eventually led to my successful career in the music industry.

Q: Who are some people (teachers, counselors, etc.) who inspired or pushed you to be better during your time in the school district?

A: Some individuals who inspired and motivated me during my time in the Mount Vernon City School District were my music teacher Mr. John Paxton, my 4th grade teacher Ms. Rodriquez, Ethel Huggins (my aunt), all my family and my parents, Samuel and Mary Redd. They recognized my talent and encouraged my musical aspirations despite their concerns about the industry. Additionally, there was a family friend who took me to see James Brown at the Apollo Theater that played a pivotal role in shaping my career aspirations.

Q: What was your favorite part of attending the Mount Vernon City School District?

A: My favorite part of going to school in the Mount Vernon City School District was meeting lifetime friends. Also, the opportunities it provided me to pursue my passion for music and perform in various settings, contributing to my eventual success in the industry.

Q: What are you most proud of from your school experience?

A: I believe that I am most proud of my perseverance and dedication to my goals during my school experience, as evidenced by my commitment to my music career while also fulfilling responsibilities at home and in other areas of my life.

Q: What do you know now that you wish you knew during your time in the school district?

A: Looking back, I wish that I had been more courageous at times. Much more willing to go against the grain. I wish that I was able to speak up more for myself and pursue more music opportunities. I wish that I had studied the business of the music industry, so I could’ve been more informed about business agreements and the music industry. It would’ve helped me navigate the following years much more effectively.

Q: What is one thing from your time in the Mount Vernon City School District that stuck with you the most or helped you the most in your career?

A: One thing from my time in the Mount Vernon City School District that stuck with me the most and helped me in my career was likely the resilience and determination which developed during those years. It created a foundation which I utilized to overcome challenges and pursue my dreams despite the obstacles.


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