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Our Students, Now: Danielle R. Browne, Esq.

Our Students, Now: Danielle R. Browne, Esq.

Name: Danielle R. Browne, Esq. 
Graduation year: 2006 
High school: Mount Vernon High School 
Current position title and company/entity: Founding Attorney, The Browne Firm PLLC and City Council Person, City of Mount Vernon

"Danielle Browne has accomplished great things on the Mount Vernon City Council, and she is a stellar attorney as well." said Acting Superintendent Dr. K. Veronica Smith. "I am so proud of her and her accomplishments. She is a shining model of the excellence in Mount Vernon. We are delighted that she is still making such great contributions to her hometown."

What are you doing now with your life and career? 
Browne: I've found my calling in serving my community both professionally and personally. I own The Browne Firm PLLC, a law firm based in New York, experienced in business contracts and formations, trademark, copyrights, estate and Medicaid planning, trust administration, and uncontested probate and estate administration. Beyond legal services, I'm honored to serve as a city councilperson for Mount Vernon, working tirelessly to uplift and improve our community. My passion lies in helping people, leveraging my skills and resources to make a meaningful impact, especially in my hometown. 
How has Mount Vernon High School prepared you for your career? 

Browne: Mount Vernon High School was instrumental in shaping my ability to overcome adversity, build and nurture relationships, and develop crucial skills such as time management and leadership. As a member of the girls basketball team for all four years, I learned the importance of teamwork, discipline, and perseverance, lessons that have been invaluable throughout my career.” 

What was your favorite part of attending the Mount Vernon City School District? 

Browne: The sense of community and the camaraderie found in basketball were my highlights. Mount Vernon was always bustling with events and activities, fostering a vibrant atmosphere that enriched my high school experience. The lasting friendships I formed, particularly with some of my teammates, are treasures that continue to enrich my life. 

What is one thing from your time in the Mount Vernon City School District that stuck with you the most or helped you the most in your career? 

Browne: The ability to connect and communicate effectively with diverse groups of people has been a cornerstone of my success. Whether on the basketball court or in the classroom, learning to navigate and appreciate various perspectives has been crucial in my entrepreneurial journey. 

What would you tell current students today to help them on their academic and career journey? 
Embrace your unique path and trust your journey. Success is not linear, and what works for one person may not work for you. Stay true to your values and passions, and be open to where they might lead you. 

Admin posing with no place for hate signs.

For the second year, all 16 Mount Vernon City School District schools were presented with No Place for Hate (NPFH) banners at a ceremony on Wednesday, May 22, 2024, at NYU Skirball Center in Manhattan. The district continues to be the largest and now is the first school district in Westchester County to have all of its schools designated as Gold Star No Place for Hate.  

Nathaniel Edwards in front of paper planes on wall.

Nathaniel Edwards, a senior at Mount Vernon High School, was recently accepted into Vaughn College of Aeronautic Engineering, Aviation and Technology, where he will pursue a degree in the Aircraft Operations program. 

Judges speaking at panel discussion

Mount Vernon community members visited Mount Vernon High School for an educational celebration of the 70th anniversary of Brown vs. Board of Education on Friday, May 17, 2024. The Mount Vernon chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) held the celebration to recognize figures who fought against segregation and to acknowledge the progress that is still needed.