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Two 11th-grade scholars inducted into My Brother's Keeper

Two 11th-grade scholars inducted into My Brother's Keeper

Kevon Palmer and Levonn Latham, 11th-grade students at Mount Vernon STEAM Academy, were inducted as 2023-24 My Brother’s Keeper (MBK) fellows on Friday, May 19, 2023. The induction ceremony was held at the annual My Brother’s Keeper Symposium. They traveled to Albany, New York, where the symposium was held, with their mentors Brother Arthur Muhammad, youth development specialist, and Noel Campbell, director of career and technical education.

Dr. Eric Thompson, a motivational speaker, was the keynote speaker at the symposium. Dr. Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz, an award-winning professor, was also a presenter at the event. 

The fellows then went into a breakout session led by Keith L. Brown, a motivational speaker and founder of the I’M POSSIBLE Institute. They discussed ways to advocate for themselves, communicate effectively, build relationships, reverse negative stereotypes, and implement a culture of caring. 

MBK Fellow inducted
MBK Fellow inducted standing on stage with four adults


Two students posing at the camera.

Scholars and community members congregated to the cafeteria of the Mount Vernon High School with resumes in hand for a community career fair on Wednesday, May 16, 2024. Here, individuals were able to explore various job opportunities in the Mount Vernon City School District and Westchester area. 

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Acting Superintendent of Schools Dr. K. Veronica Smith:

There have been rumors and social media reports as to further student violence today at Mount Vernon High School after yesterday’s assault. Reports of a female student being stabbed are not true. There was an unrelated minor altercation on a school bus with no serious injuries after school. 

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In the past 10 years, the Mount Vernon City School District has introduced and grown partnerships with a number of organizations, colleges and universities to deliver exceptional academic programming to students. The District has also increased its offering of trade programs during this time, expanding possibilities for all scholars.