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District Mission and Vision Statement

Mission Statement

The Mount Vernon City School District, comprising its board members, staff, scholars, parents, and community members, is dedicated to fostering an inclusive environment that recognizes every scholar's unique qualities while providing a comprehensive and rigorous education that promotes respect, cultivates character, and inspires intellectual growth. The district is committed to empowering scholars to become lifelong learners, who are successful and responsible citizens and who positively contribute to their local and global communities.

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Vision Statement

The Mount Vernon City School District, through a shared decision-making process, is committed to helping its scholars, parents, teachers, and administrators enhance their academic, social, economic, and technological skills to prepare individuals to function effectively in today's global society.

Core Values

➢ All scholars can learn.

➢ Scholars learn in different ways and at different paces.

➢ Scholars should be challenged to be lifelong learners.

➢ The key aspect of education is developing well-rounded scholars who think creatively and critically to make informed decisions and solve problems.

➢ Education enables individuals to be responsible, self-disciplined members of society.

➢ Cultural diversity enriches the educational experience for scholars.

➢ A safe and caring environment is important to scholars and staff.

➢ Education is a collaborative partnership with the Board of Education, staff, scholars, families, and resources in the community.

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District Goals

Academic Goals
1.Ensure that every scholar has foundational reading, writing, and arithmetic skills.

2. Prioritize teachers’ use of data assessment to drive instructional practices in all classrooms.

3. Increase scholars’ achievement district-wide by at least 3% in all core subjects with particular attention to sub-groups with special needs.

Operational Goals
1. Promote efficiency and accuracy in all of the operational branches of the Central Office – Administration, Buildings & Grounds, Business, Curriculum & Instruction, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Human Resources, Operations and Accountability, Pupil Personnel Services, and School Improvement.

2. Create and communicate unified procedures, protocols, and practices throughout all facets of the school district.

3. Improve communication between central office leadership and building-level leadership.

4. Obtain additional funding for district programs.