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Dr. Smith Acting Superintendent

Dr. K. Veronica Smith

Acting Superintendent of Schools 
Or Contact: Andrese WIlliams, Executive Assistant
(914) 665-5201

Dr. Doggett

Dr. Jamal Doggett

Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction
Or Contact: Patty DeNisco, Administrative Assistant
(914) 665-5226

Image of Dr. Beverley Jones

Dr. Beverley A. Jones

Assistant Superintendent for Administration, Climate and Culture
(914) 665-2345

Dr. Marie Gaboton-Swift

Dr. Marie Gaboton-Swift

Acting Assistant Superintendent for Pupil Personnel Services
(914) 358-2372

Image of Mr. Kenneth Silver

Mr. Kenneth Silver

Assistant Superintendent for Business
(914) 665-5199

Marci Tiggs

Ms. Marci Tiggs

Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources
(914) 358-2350

Dr. Satish Jagnandan

Dr. Satish Jagnandan

Director of STEAM
(914) 358-2373

Rhodes headshot.

Ms. Marybeth Rhodes

Director of Humanities
(914) 358-2597

Dr. White-Wallace headshot

Dr. Gayle White Wallace

Director of Pre-K, Gifted and Talented and Special Projects
(914) 358-2375

Dr. Marguerita Circello

Dr. Marguerita G. Circello

Director of ENL and World Languages
(914) 358-2873

Nabil Botros

Mr. Nabil Botros

Director of Facilities
(914) 665-5189

Carlos Ramirez

Mr. Carlos Ramirez

Director of Technology
(914) 665-7569

Ms. Carol DelValle

Director of Special Education
(914) 665-5204