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For nutritional information:

Milk Offering (all 1 c serving): 1% White, Fat Free White, or Fat Free Chocolate (all antibiotic & hormone free). 
Fruit Offering (all ½c serving): Apple, orange, seasonal fresh fruit, or 100% Fruit Juice (apple, orange, grape, or fruit punch). 
Two fruit choices will be available daily. 
Lunch Alternatives Available Daily Yogurt/Bagel Lunch (Yogurt, String Cheese, Bagel, Veggie & Fruit) 
Sandwich Lunch (Turkey & Cheese, Turkey Ham & Cheese, or Cheese with Veggie & Fruit) 
Salad Lunch (Salad, Protein, & Fruit)
Please Note: (WG) denotes whole grain; (P) denotes item may contain pork