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Parent Resource Center

The Parent Resource Center, located at the Mount Vernon STEAM Academy, is a home base for parents, guardians, and families to seek support and assistance in the education of their children. With the goal of improving the academic achievements and social and emotional wellness of Mount Vernon City School District students and families, this center will give them a place to feel supported. It will supply a direct link between the schools and the community, aiding with everything from mental health, education, quality of life, childcare placement, and more. Workshops and trainings will also take place. 

The following is a list of but, not limited to, the assistance the Parent Resource Center will provide: 

Quality of Life: 

  • Provide assistance with childcare placement

  • Provide assistance with food and home insecurities by linking up with the Department of Social Services and local food pantries 

  • Provide computer access 


  • Assist with building resumes and cover letters to gain employment 

  • Assist with interview preparation for future employment 

  • Assist with the completion of FAFSA and scholarship forms and how to apply 

  • Assist with preparation for the next steps after high school (college/vocational/tech) 

  • Provide after-school program information and forms 

  • Assist middle schoolers preparing for high school 

  • Assist with applying and filling out forms for students with an IEP 

  • Assist parents looking to continue education – GED/College 

Mental Health/Wellness: 

  • Provide information on how/where to seek help with social, emotional, stress issues and more 

  • Provide assistance and information to those students with ADD/ADHD and how to seek services for special education needs 

  • Assist parents with recognizing substance abuse in children 

  • Provide information on crisis prevention with what to do and who to call 

Upcoming Events

Oct 3-8: Mental Health Support Groups will take place for Mental Illness Awareness Week. This is a safe and confidential space for individuals who have been affected by mental illness; are caring for a loved one with mental illness; or for those who simply want to learn more about the basic principles of mental health and wellness; and how to get help. 
Location: Parent Resource Center at Mount Vernon STEAM Academy
Time: 5 pm to 6 pm 
Oct 3: Erasing the Stigma in BIPOC Communities
Oct 4: Know the Signs (National Day of Prayer for Mental Illness Recovery and Understanding)
Oct 6: Reach out and Disclosing (National Depression Screening Day) 
Oct 7: Therapy and Resources 

Mental Health Support Group flyer.

Contact Info

Parent Resource Center
Mount Vernon STEAM Academy
Room G5
350 Gramatan Ave
Mount Vernon, NY 10550

Erica Peterson
Parent Resource Center Coordinator

Phone Number: (914) 665-5120

Mon-Fri 9 am - 2 pm
Mon, Wed, Thurs 3 - 6 pm
(by appointment only)
Two Saturdays a month