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Parent Liaisons

Each school has a Parent Liaison who is responsible for engaging the parents and guardians in the school community. The position answers to the Assistant Superintendent of School Improvement. The Parent Liaison’s functions include:

  • Creating a welcoming environment at the school for parents and guardians.
  • Working with the Office of School Improvement, principal, school staff and PTA to identify parent and related school community issues to see that they are addressed in a timely manner.
  • Assisting parents in setting goals and education development for their children.
  • Partnering with community groups and agencies to promote their involvement in the school and provide information and direction as needed.
  • Meeting with the principal or the principal’s designee(s) to develop and review work plans and assess the impact of the liaison’s work on student outcomes. 


Contact Info

Athena Dent-Allyene
Parent Resource Center
(914) 358-2744

Beth Smith  Benjamin Turner Academy and Pennington  (914) 308-4251

Dardane Prelvukaj
Mount Vernon STEAM Academy and Cecil H. Parker School Maura Gutierrez MV Leadership Academy and Hamilton School (914) 308-4220 

Pamela Valdovinos  Lincoln School and Nelson Mandela/Dr. Hosea Zollicoffer School (914) 308-4340  

Shakur Norfleet
Denzel Washington School of the Arts and Grimes School
(914) 308-4224

Shanygen Belfor
Mount Vernon High School and Traphagen School

Veronica Graham  Graham School and Mount Vernon Honor Academy (914) 308-4248 

Edwards Williams School and Rebecca Turner Academy