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Parent Liaisons

Each school has a Parent Liaison who is responsible for engaging the parents and guardians in the school community. The position answers to the Assistant Superintendent of School Improvement. The Parent Liaison’s functions include:

  • Creating a welcoming environment at the school for parents and guardians.
  • Working with the Office of School Improvement, principal, school staff and PTA to identify parent and related school community issues to see that they are addressed in a timely manner.
  • Assisting parents in setting goals and education development for their children.
  • Partnering with community groups and agencies to promote their involvement in the school and provide information and direction as needed.
  • Meeting with the principal or the principal’s designee(s) to develop and review work plans and assess the impact of the liaison’s work on student outcomes. 


Contact Info

Elizabeth Smith  Benjamin Turner Academy and Lincoln  (914) 308-4251

Dardane Prelvukaj
Mount Vernon STEAM Academy and Cecil H. Parker School
(914) 308-4281 Maura Gutierrez MV Leadership Academy and Hamilton School (914) 308-4220 

Pamela Valdovinos  Pennington School and Nelson Mandela/Dr. Hosea Zollicoffer School (914) 308-4340  

Shakur Norfleet
Denzel Washington School of the Arts and Grimes School
(914) 308-4224

Shanygne Belfor
Mount Vernon High School and Traphagen School
(914) 308-4347

Veronica Graham  Graham School and Mount Vernon Honor Academy (914) 308-4248 

Sheba Greenwood
Edwards Williams School and Rebecca Turner Academy
(914) 625-2620