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Family and Community Engagement

The Family and Community Engagement (FACE) Team's goal is to expand efforts to help schools and the District better engage families in education. The FACE Team is committed to supporting parents and families by empowering them and giving them a voice and an opportunity to be engaged by:

  • Breaking down the "silos" within the district, allowing for fuller exploration and integration of ideas;
  • Promoting the engagement of parents, families, students, and representatives from within the community and beyond to improve children's academic development;
  • Making stakeholders aware of the challenges our families face daily;
  • Sharing what each office is doing to encourage stakeholders to engage parents;
  • Providing examples of effective practices that engage parents and families;
  • Disseminating materials that encourage family engagement; and
  • Incorporating language in grants around engaging families in decision-making and in the planning of school improvement programs.

The FACE Team intends to inform, educate, and support training for parents in their school building and district-wide to enhance family engagement.
The FACE Team has devised several means by which they reach out to parents. Through a series of activities — targeted outreach calls, parent forums, Zoom meetings, webinars, emails, school/district websites, district social media accounts, Parent Workshops, Virtual Parent Learning Modules and PTA —the team hopes to reach parents and families. The FACE Team has become our way of communicating useful information to parents and parent groups.

Parent and Family Engagement