Welcome to Third Grade

  • Rebecca Challop (rchallop@mtvernoncsd.org)                 

    Ann Marie Gilligan (agilligan@mtvernoncsd.org)

    This is a very exciting year for students because they become much more independent in many ways! The transition from second grade to third grade is a big one, but by working together we can make it as seamless as possible.

    We use many different programs in third grade. We use, The New York State Modules in ELA and we will be switching to Envisions math in the fall. We also use IREADY for both math & ELA.

    Although the New York State testing begins in third grade, our emphasis is not on test prep, but rather, on life prep. If the children are learning to read, write and do math on grade level they should be prepared for the tests. In third grade they really delve deep into reading. They learn about author’s purpose, character motivation, the gist of a story and many other important story details. In math they don’t just learn multiplication & division, they learn different ways to do these math problems. There is a big focus on breaking down math problems and using word problem to apply that knowledge. The children should be familiar with their times tables prior to third grade because they are expected to have them memorized almost immediately.

    The children must complete all homework on a nightly basis. Additionally, the children must read for 20 minutes a night and they are expected to keep a log of all reading that is done. The students should also be going on IREADY for at least an hour a week.

    In third grade it is expected that the children understand and follow both school and classroom rules. It is always important that classwork is completed daily, so that children are better able to independently do their homework. Third grade is very challenging but the children will rise to the challenge!!! Our goal is to make all of our children lifelong learners!!!!

Third Grade