Welcome to Kindergarten

  • Erin Langton (elangton@mtvernoncsd.org)             

    Kayleen Lugo (klugo@mtvernoncsd.org)


           We in Kindergarten feel that this is your child’s first introduction to the elementary schools. It is here that partnerships develop between the school and Families in hopes to provide a strong community of support. Each child brings a wealth of educational and cultural experiences to kindergarten. We are excited to promote self-discovery and awareness. We have high hopes in fostering your child’s independence, and also in helping them gain and use the necessary skills needed for whole and small group instruction.

            Each child will be encouraged to move beyond his or her current level of understanding. Our Curriculum is designed to address all areas of development. The children will be given the opportunity to explore, investigate, and predict.

            Our Kindergarten classroom will provide a safe, supportive and welcoming environment. As teachers we want your child to feel empowered, valued, to be listened to, competent, and most of all successful in school.

            We share in your excitement as we embark on this wonderful journey together.