Welcome to Pre-K!

  • Robin Rapillo (rrapillo@mtvernoncsd.org)

    Shannon Shields (sshields@mtvernoncsd.org)

    Welcome to Pre-K! In our Pre-K classrooms, the children learn by playing and doing. By combining developmentally appropriate instruction with opportunities to engage in explorative play, your child will embark on a balanced path to kindergarten readiness. Our curriculum includes thematic, integrated instruction centered around key science and social studies concepts and skills.

    The children will engage in daily robust math instruction that follows a systematic and developmentally appropriate progression of concepts and skills. The active meaningful literacy component provides learning with more than 50 big books and 26 hands-on, engaging Letter People puppets. They will be exposed to explicit oral language development with daily vocabulary lessons and scaffolded oral language support for every whole group lesson.

    We focus on educating the whole child; the academic, social, emotional, physical, artistic, and cultural aspects. We foster independence and strive to raise self-esteem with positive praise and reinforcement.  Our curriculum uses the community as an extension of the classroom with parents and students as partners in the educational process.

    We are excited to lay the foundation and leave a long lasting impact on your child’s education!