• Iready, Plato, Envision, learning.com and Pearson science are all Single Sign On(SSO) portal programs. Use the MVP to access these and many other programs.


    Please use the Chrome browser for all instructional programs. Many programs will not work with other browsersChrome Browser

    SSO will not require an additional log in after logging into a district windows computer 

    Teachers and students should now use the portals to access the following portal programs and no longer use the old links.


    Links for several programs have changed and teachers should now use the links provided on the left.    Directions for home access are described at the bottom of this page.


    Introducing the next giant step in instructional software access.
    Using SSO and other technologies, the district has increased the number of digital instructional systems while decreasing the number of passwords teachers and students need to remember.

    Please note: You must use the Chrome Browser  for single sign in to work properly.

    This year the district has incorporated single sign on technology for several of the programs that we use.  This means that single sign on programs (SSO) will not require an additional log on. Once a teacher or student signs on to a district Windows based computer using our active directory system, they can access SSO programs through a portal without having to authenticate again.

    Access from home is still through the portal but users will need to sign in using their email address all in lower case and their case sensitive network password


    Non-portal program is still through differentiated usernames and passwords and has not changed from previous years.