The Mount Vernon City School District Technology Department

  • Hello and Welcome to the District Technology Page



     The Technology department provides support and systems to all areas of the district from operations to security to classroom support.  
     In past few years, the district has proudly made tremendous strides in instructional  technology,  a component of the district's 20/20 vision . Technology is becoming increasing vital as part of our instructional program.
    Completed milestone accomplishments include:
    • Equipping virtually all classrooms with a Smart board . This project completed in September 2016
    • Equipping  all classrooms with a printer,
    • Equipping all classrooms with at least one internet connected desktop which is less then 5 years old. Currently the majority of classroom computers are about three years old.
    • Implementation  of the Waterford Early Learning program for reading support in Grades K-2.
      • Replacing our legacy Waterford classrooms. Currently all Waterford computers are less then 18 months old.
    • Implementation of the I-ready program in Grades 2-8.
    • Expansion of the I-Lit program at Graham school. The Ilit program uses technology and effective teaching to engage students in the reading process and encourage student engagement with text.
    • Implementation of several digital instructional and professional tools. Please see our links under students or teachers.
    • Implementation of Office 365 which facilitates digital collaboration.
    • Implementation of student emails grades 3-12
    • Implementation of the  5 free instances offer so that students and staff and download Microsoft Office on their personal equipment for free up to 5 times.  This offer can be accessed through Office 365.
    • Equipping full day Pre-K at MVHS classes with an interactive table that students use in groups to learn new skills.

    All  of our instructional programs are continually being  improved, expanded, or otherwise being enhanced or upgraded.  This year the district will launching several new instructional programs and enhancing the way students and teachers log into existing programs.

    A major concern in our ability to deliver digital resources is our infrastructure which is outdated.
    There are plans for a major upgrade of the district network which will include data center upgrades and wireless service upgrades in the near future.  The network upgrades are a major component in our journey towards the 20/20 vision.