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    Mount Vernon City School District is committed to delivering a rigorous, robust CTE programs, with multiple career pathways available for students after high school graduation. Our CTE department strives to provide learning experiences for our students through career awareness and skills needed for employment and/or postsecondary opportunities. There is an opportunity to apply academic concepts to real-world situations and prepare for industry-based assessments or certifications.

    We have business and community partnerships that assist us with providing hands-on training and relevant career-readiness skills that lead to high-wage. Our CTE programs create educational opportunities dedicated to empowering students to enter the workforce, compete in a global marketplace, and offer the opportunity to earn college credit or advanced standing while still in high school. Students will gain technical and high-level academic skills, equipping them to be lifelong learners.

    Courses Offered 



    Business (Career & Financial Management, Entrepreneurship, Accounting)

    Cisco Systems/Cybersecurity


    Culinary Arts

    Nursing Aide Training Program

    Photography/Web Design

    Television Production

    Visual/Digital Arts
















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