• The MVHS Math department consists of dedicated and experienced teachers who are highly motivated to provide the students of Mt. Vernon with the highest level of math education to prepare them for college and beyond. The teachers are looking forward to taking advantage of the common planning time that has been made a part of their overall schedule. Curriculum committees have been formed, led by teacher leaders, to discuss ways to better deliver instruction to our students. Teachers will look to improve upon their instructional delivery based upon” best practices” as documented in Marzano’s high yield strategies.

    To further improve the math environment for our students, the math curriculum has been enhanced to improve the overall passing rate in math courses as well as the New York State Regents. The first enhancement is the addition of the Math 9 course, which is designed to strengthen the basic math skills of incoming 9th grade students who still need a strong foundation to improve their chances of success in follow-on high school math courses as well as later in college level subjects. Math 9 is followed by Integrated Algebra. This two year curriculum is intended to strengthen our students’ math abilities with the goal of passing the Integrated Algebra Regents exam the first time they take it. At the high end of the curriculum, another new course, AP Statistics has been added to AP Calculus, both of which are designed to challenge our best students and increase their chances of gaining acceptance into some of the top colleges and universities within the United States.

    In summary, the MVHS mathematics department is looking forward to joining with students, parents and guardians to make this a successful school year for all our students.