•  Life Skills Prom 2016

    At MVHS we embrace the philosophy that special education is a “service” not a
    place. We pride ourselves on focusing on a student abilities rather than their disability. Emphasis is always on the student before the disability. Students with disabilities are provided special education in the least restrictive environment.

     We will enable students with disabilities to be educated with nondisabled students to the maximum extent appropriate. Specially designed instruction and supplementary services may be provided in the regular class, including, as appropriate, providing related services, resource room programs, and special class programs within the general education setting.

    Our Special Education department embraces the initiative of inclusion in the least restrictive environment and works diligently to provide all students with a Free and Appropriate Public Education. Special Education services are available to all students. When a child is determined to be eligible, the school system, in partnership with the parent, develops an Individual Education Program. The definition of inclusion is treated independently for each child and services are determined on an individual basis through the IEP process. We are especially proud of the variety of programs and support services that we have available to ensure that students succeed.


    Developmental, corrective, and other support services as recommended by the CSE to assist a student with a disability and includes accommodations, modifications, speech language services, audiology services, vision services, physical therapy, occupational therapy, counseling services, and transition services. Supportive services continue to provide for up to one year to students who have been declassified but are in need of building level support services to help with theirt ransition to general education. When a student is declassified, testing accommodations will remain in effect until the student’s graduation from high school.