• The driving force in the MVHS is together educators achieve more!
    The science department incorporates contents into the curriculum that will foster inter departmental communication, as teacher work together to integrate real world applications into their teaching. Team and group work help the students to understand that science and research do not exist in a vacuum but through collaboration we lead to the growth of understanding and new ideas to personalize education. There is no more rewarding experience than to see the birth of an "aha" moment on the face of a student in pursuit of knowledge. We expand learning to where students simply know, use and interpret scientific explanations of the natural world to include:

    a. Generating and evaluating scientific evidence and explanations
    b. Understanding the nature and development of scientific knowledge
    c. Building bridges to initiate interdisciplinary and inquiry based learning.
    d. Engage students in identifying and solving problems.
    e. Utilize student creativity and innovation to encourage critical thinking skills
    f. Encourage community and network involvement