• The overall goal of the Health and Physical Education staff is to provide learning opportunities for students that will aid them in sustaining communities that value physical activity and healthy lifestyles. The curriculum is aligned with the New York State learning standards, as well as Common Core. The instructors in these disciplines strive to create an environment in both the classroom and the gymnasium where awareness of health and physical fitness issues are elevated.
    Much emphasis is placed on establishing a learning community where personalized instruction is valued. The teaching environment is structured so that a student’s talents can flourish along with their personal appreciation of a physically active lifestyle. The trend in physical education has been to move away from large groups and team dominated activities and toward fitness and individual activities.
    The health education classes are focused on building health literacy by providing students with the tools necessary to obtain, interpret and implement health knowledge in a way that enhances life. The theme is not on just disseminating health information but also on skill building. The challenge of the program is to assist students in making decisions that will ultimately lead to a healthier lifestyle.

    “Physical Education: It does a body good!”