Speech and Language Pathology

  • Prevention is key. Our Speech and Language Pathologist provides Response to Intervention (RTI) using evidence based practices when the RTI committee recommends intervention. Intervention usually last 4 to 6 weeks. Students are evaluated to help identify students with communication disorders.

    Our speech pathologist provides direct speech/language therapy to meet the specific needs of each individual student based on goals developed by the Committee of Special Education when an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is put into place.  Speech and language goals are developed by our school pathologist or the evaluating therapist.

    Session notes are maintained to aid in data based decision making and can be used to show growth in particular area targeted in therapy. Our speech pathologist works in partnership with teachers, psychologists, audiologists, social workers, and administrators to support the best educational instructional program for each individual student on her caseload. Follow-up therapeutic plans are suggested for the home as needed. Parent training is available by appointment.

    Our speech pathologist involves each student in the process of promoting personal responsibility. This may include one on one discussions with students regarding their personal strengths and weaknesses or helping each student monitor his/her own progress.

An Ear Listening to a Speaking Mouth