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    The School Based Health Center is operated by the Mount Vernon Neighborhood Health Center in cooperation with the Edward Williams School.
    We are open whenever school is in session from 8:30am-4:30pm.
    Registration packets are available in the School Based Health Center or Main Office of the School
    We Provide a full range of Health Services:
    Annual Physical Examinations                                     Lab Works
    Acute Care                                                                              Referrals
    First-Aid                                                                                    Immunizations
    Specialist Team:
    Behavioral Health Therapy
    Nutrition Counseling 
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    MVNHC network mission:
    To promote the provision of culturally sensitive, high quality comprehensive health care for the medically underserved residents of the community. 
    To proactively position the health center network to survive in the changing environment.
    To aggressively engage the community in support of community health centers. 
    School Based Health Center Staff:
    Sumathi  Kasinathan M.D.                                                                                               
    Suma Joshua, RPA-C
    Christine Grice, MA
    Barbara Alammari, LCSW-R
    Sangeete Ahuja, RD,CDE, RYT
    Valentine Lopez, Pt Educator
    Contact Info: