• About IB

    The aim of all International Baccalaureate Programmes is to develop internationally minded people who recognizing their common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet, help to create a better more peaceful world. This aligns with our mission at Mount Vernon High School which is to produce a balanced citizenry by increasing the knowledge, skills and opportunities across the Mount Vernon High School Community. We will use a holistic approach, offering stimulating programs and supporting community engagemen

    Mount Vernon High School students will:

    • Demonstrate open-mindeness and critical thinking.
    • Communicate effectively.
    • Understand themselves, their heritage, and their place in history and the world.
    • Articulate the importance of self-awareness, creativity, and reflection.
    • Appreciate others and act responsibly in a global society.
    • Demonstrate ethical values towards people and education.
    • Exemplify the skills necessary for successful transition to post-secondary pursuits.

    Mount Vernon HS is committed to providing educational opportunities and programs to all peoples without prejudice.

    Earning Your IB Diploma

    IB Diploma Programme students study six subjects over two years -- three at standard level and three at higher level. In addition, students must complete the following course requirements:

    • Theory of Knowledge (TOK)
    • Extended Essay (EE)
    • CAS—creativity, activity, and Service (150 hours of service outside of the classroom)

    To receive their IB Diploma, students must also earn a minimum of 24 points out of a possible 45 points on the final assessments which are externally marked and moderated by the IB organization.

    As a Certificate Student

    Not all students choose to take the full course load leading to a diploma. Instead, some take a few DP courses in areas where they have a particular interest or strength, similar to Honors and Advanced Placement classes. Certificates are awarded on a course-by-course basis to students who choose not to do the full programme. Students who satisfactorily complete a DP course earn a certificate and may be eligible for university credit.