• Ms. Battista & Mr. Pickel

    Welcome to Sixth Grade

    Our Mission is to ensure that each student has the opportunity to explore, discover and experience the world around them.

    Image result for Egyptian Heads Clip ArtIn Social Studies, students will take a journey through Ancient Civilizations and investigate the history of the rise and fall of the great Empires.

    See the source imageIn English, students will be in engaged with exciting stories from our Collections Anthology. Students will also learn through various multi-media platforms. This is an exciting opportunity for our young scholars to enhance their learning through the use of technology.


    Image result for math clip artIn Math, students will dive into rates, ratios, and percentages. They will solve and write algebraic and numeric expressions. As well as, apply these skills to real world situations.


    Image result for science clip artIn Science, the 6th grade will explore the human body as a system, Earth as a system, weather, and climate. Students will learn how humans can impact the environment, weather, and climate. They will explore the concept of a system with many subsystems and how each small piece impacts the overall success of a system.