The Mount Vernon PTA Council

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    The Mount Vernon Council PTA is a member of the Westchester East Putnam Regional PTA, the New York State PTA and the National PTA. All of these organizations are dedicated to improving and expanding educational opportunities for children and public education by working with families and the community.


    17 Individual school PTAs and PTSAs Unit in Mount Vernon join together to form the Mount Vernon Councils of PTA. They serve as a forum for exchanging ideas and act as a strong venue for advocacy for our children. Our mission is to make every child’s potential a reality and…we can’t do what we do without YOU!

    We are committed:

    • To promoting the welfare of children in school, home and their community.
    • To assist parents in becoming more involved in their child’s school, education and community.
    • To support the National PTA in their efforts to speak on behalf of children before governmental bodies and other organizations.

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