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    The Mount Vernon City School District created this page to bring you the latest news and information about the reopening of the district's schools and digital learning program for the new school year.

    The District has updated its school reopening plans and will implement a three-phase reopening of the school buildings to hybrid learning model students in November and December. The buildings had been scheduled to open Monday, October 5th.

    The district’s reopening plan focuses on bringing students back to school while maintaining social distancing and utilizing recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other governing health organizations. Two key factors have prevented the district from implementing its plan of a beginning a hybrid learning environment on October 5th:

    • The district is listening to parents and students, who placed a high priority on a continuity of instruction with their current teacher in both remote and hybrid learning environments.
    • Transportation companies have not been able to completely fulfill contractual obligations.

    Other mitigating factors impact the district’s plans and influence the administration’s decisions. There have been sudden closures for many districts that have reopened due to COVID-19 infection among students and staff. Additionally, the district is also seeing a trend of increased cases among children, according to the CDC.  

    “Although our plans have changed, our goals have not,” Superintendent Dr. Kenneth R. Hamilton said. “We remain committed to keeping students, staff, and their families as safe as possible while trying to provide the best educational programs and supports given our current circumstances.”

    Under its revised reopening plan, the district will continue its current remote learning approach for all students until the end of the first marking period, which ends on November 13, 2020. This will ensure that students have a consistent teacher and educational supports for the first quarter. At the end of the first marking period the district will begin to reopen in three phases in two-week intervals.

    Phase 1: November 16 (Pre K-3) – For those who selected in-person instruction, the district will open for students in grades Pre K-3. All other students, including those in grades Pre K-3 who chose the remote learning option, will continue in the remote program.

    Phase 2: November 30 (Grades 4-8) – For those who selected in-person instruction, the district will extend reopening to include Pre K-8. All other students, including those in grades Pre K-3 and 4-8 who chose the remote learning option, will continue in their remote program.

    Phase 3: December 14, 2020 (Grades 9-12) – Students who requested in-person schooling in grades 9-12 will be included in this phase. Cohorts will be established by the secondary schools as the district prepares for this model. The classroom teachers will teach both the in-person students and fully remote students at this time. Minor adjustments to schedules may occur; however, for the most part, students will maintain the teacher they had for the first marking period.

    • Cohort A will attend school in person on Mondays, Tuesdays and alternating Wednesdays.
    • Cohort B will attend school in person on Thursdays, Fridays and alternating Wednesdays.

    To create class sizes consistent with social distancing guidelines, students will not be able to switch between in-person and remote learning after the start of any given marking period.  

    Of course, the district's plans must remain flexible as the circumstances involving COVID-19 continue to evolve.

    Please check back regularly as we will continue to add more information and regularly update you as our plans continue to take shape.

    Thank you for your continuous support and patience during this extraordinary situation!