2020 Census Information

  • Census The Census is here! The 2020 Census will determine the allocation of about $675 billion in federal funding to states, counties, and cities for the next decade. That means funding for all of the essentials like fire and police departments, hospitals, and schools.  
    In 2010, it was estimated that Mount Vernon was undercounted by 30 percent, costing the City millions of dollars in federal aid each year.
    In 2020, we are going to make sure that every resident, regardless of their age or legal status, is counted in the Census. Each adult and child that is counted represents $2,500 in federal aid each year for the next 10 years!
    Our school district depends on these federal dollars to bring your child an A+ education.  Federal funds help to pay for school technology, lunch programs, facilities, and much more. It all goes back to answering the census!
    Sounds good, right?  But only if we are counted will we be empowered to have a direct hand in the planning of Mount Vernon’s future for the next 10 years!
    Your census response is completely confidential, so simply go to my2020census.gov. Make sure you include everyone in your household.
    Remember, you count, I count and together we can make Mount Vernon count.