• Second Grade

    Second Grade

    Welcome to Second Grade

    Troya Barghen-Hewlett (SC) 12:1:2 Room 132
    Janeen Clayton Room 204
    Christine Francis Room 211
    Stephanie Harris Room 205

    By Shira Ackerman (MA) (Taken From Scholastic)

    In 2nd grade, students have adjusted to the more rigorous learning environment they initially encounter in 1st grade and so they are able to further deepen and expand their skills and knowledge. In 2nd grade they become more experienced writers, readers and mathematicians as they practice these skills more and in more complex and comprehensive ways. They read longer and more complicated books, they write longer and more complex pieces and they learn more of the concepts underlying the math they do. In addition, 2nd graders begin to develop their research and critical thinking projects as they create individual and group work to share and presenting what they learn through different forms, including writing, speaking, and art.

    The 2nd grade classroom is structured like most elementary school classrooms, with desks or tables for the students and usually an area for lessons and class meetings and discussions. There are often also areas or centers dedicated to different subjects of learning. For instance, there may be an area with all of the math tools and supplies as well as a class library dedicated to reading. Technology also becomes a more important part of the 2nd grade classroom as students learn about and use it more, specifically for publishing their writing.

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