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Digital Learning

  • During our time off we will primarily be using a digital learning platform supplemented with a traditional approach through our consumable workbooks, textbooks and packets.  A new “Academic and Informational Web Page”  link will be connected to our website at www.mtvernoncsd.org

    The following internet providers have waived fees to will come to homes to install free wifi to families that do not currently have the internet available to them:  

    Comcast (855)-846-8376, Spanish speaking families (855) 765-6995), Spectrum (844)-488-8395, and Altice USA ( 866-200-9522).  All of our digital learning can be accessed with a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer.

    The following are baseline learning expectations by grade clusters.

    Pre K –A Letter was sent home to all students outlining expectations of 15 minutes a day of Waterford instruction along with Schoology and Class Dojo communication to students and parents.  A packet of work was sent home on Friday outlining 1 to 2 activities per day including parents reading to their children daily.

    K-2 – Kindergarten & Grade 1 should spend 15 minutes a day on Waterford.  K,1,2  students should spend 15-20 minutes a day on iReady Math and English.  Schoology Discovery Videos and assignments will be a baseline for all students.

    3-8 – 30 minutes a day on iReady Mathematics & English plus Schoology Discovery or comparable videos, discussions, and other learning activities.

    9-12 – Schoology Discovery Education or comparable Videos, discussions and other learning activities for each class a student has on his/her schedule.

    If students do not have access to the internet, they have assignments from their textbooks, workbooks and packets provided by teachers.  We are conducting a needs assessment through surveys and our parent liaisons reaching out to families.

    Additionally, teachers will be communicating with their students through video conferencing if needed (www.zoom.us) or discussion room communications through Schoology or other open resources that will be made available as we continue our learning journey into the 21st Century

Using Edpuzzle in Schoology--Student View

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