Universal Prekindergarten

  • Pre K The Mount Vernon City School District is proud to offer FULL Day Universal Prekindergarten to families in the Mount Vernon City School District.

    The Mount Vernon Pre-Kindergarten Program offers a well-implemented, evidence-based curriculum         taught by highly qualified Pre-K teachers and teaching assistants who are specially trained to utilize developmentally appropriate activities, implement standards-based instruction, and build a nurturing classroom environment for all young learners. Mount Vernon Pre-K provides regular assessments of a child’s learning that are built into the curriculum, so teachers will ensure a child is on track for success in kindergarten.

    Children will engage in growth and educational experiences, such as field trips, activities about families, digital communications, computer coding and iPad usage. The robust curriculum includes reading, writing, math, science, and social studies. Students will learn in whole groups and small groups and develop social and emotional skills.


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